Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Exercise 16: Sales Vouchers without Items

Here's a sample Excel sheet that contains Sales Vouchers (without Items). As this is the first exercise (for Vouchers), we have purposely taken up a simple Excel sheet.

Here's what the sample Excel sheet looks like.
Column A - Invoice No
Column B - Invoice Date
Column C - Party Name
Column D - Sales Ledger
Column E - Narration
Column F - Invoice Amount

Download the Excel sheet with the XML tags.

View the XML tags for Exercise 16

XML tags Explanation

1) First, you must write XML tags to create Masters (i.e. Party Ledgers and Sales Ledgers) . As you can see in the Excel sheet snapshot, the Column C contains Party Names whereas the Column D contains the Sales Ledgers. The XML tags to create Ledger Masters look like this :-

...... tags......

a. Please refer the XML tags file for complete tags. You can also view it online by clicking on the link given above.
b. UDIMagic first processes the MASTER tags and then the VOUCHER tags.

2. You can get the Tally supported tags for Vouchers from Tally Software itself. All you need to do is to manually enter the sample data (only 1 voucher) as given in the Excel sheet into the Tally Software. Next, export it in XML format using option "Gateway of Tally >> Display >> Daybook >> Alt+E". This will generate the tags in Daybook.xml file. You can open/view these tags in IE. In the Daybook.xml file, refer to the tags that appear within the <TALLYMESSAGE> tag and try relating the same with the tags as given in the XML tags for this exercise.

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