Monday, June 16, 2008

Exercise 13: Using the COMPANYNAME attribute

When you import data into Tally Software using UDIMagic, it gets imported into the Current Company, by default.

To import data into a specific Company in Tally, you need to use the COMPANYNAME attribute. Generally, this is required when two or more companies are open in Tally and you wish to import data into a specific company.

Herein, we shall take a simple Excel sheet that contains Stock Item Masters. For simplicity, we have taken only the Stock Item NAME in the Excel Sheet.

Download the Excel sheet with the XML tags.

Follow these steps to import data into Tally
1) Create two Companies in Tally. viz "Company A" and "Company B"
2) Select the "Company A".
3) Minimize Tally software.
4) Run UDIMagic and follow instructions in the wizard to Import data from the sample Excel-sheet.
You must select the XML tags file in the same screen in which you are prompted to select the Excel file.

If everything goes fine, then 5 Stock Item master records will be imported into "Company B" in Tally.You can view the same using "Gateway of Tally >> Inventory Info >> Stock Item >> Display" option.

Applies to: MASTER and VOUCHER tags

Example 1:-

.....XML tags.....

Example 2:-

.....XML tags.....

1) The COMPANYNAME attribute can be used with the MASTER and VOUCHER tags only.
2) If there two or more MASTER tags (or VOUCHER tags) in a single XML file, then you need to use the COMPANYNAME attribute with each MASTER tag.

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