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Exercise 1: Import Stock-Item Masters into Tally

To begin with, let's take a simple Excel sheet that contains only one Column i.e. the Stock-Item Names.


1) You may create your own Excel sheet with few sample records or download it from here.

Some important points :-
b) The 1st row must contain Headings
b) The data must start from the 2nd row onwards.
c) UDIMagic stops processing records when it finds a blank or hidden row.
d) There must be a key-field which must be labeled as NAME or ID.
e) The Demo version processes limited records.

2) Next, add XML tags to the comments section of Cell A1. For this right-click on Cell A1 and select option "Insert Comments". The required XML tags are given below for your reference.


Alternatively, if you have download the sample Excel file, you can view the XML tags by right-clicking on Cell A1 and selecting "Edit Comments".

3) Once the Excel sheet with XML tags is ready, follow these steps:-

a) Start Tally and Create/Open a Dummy Company
b) Minimize Tally
c) Start UDI-Magic and select option "Excel to Tally"
d) Next, select the option "Masters"
e) Next, select the Excel sheet using the Browse button.
f) Next, Follow instructions to import data into Tally.

If everything goes successful, then 5 records must be imported into Tally. To make the things simple, we had not specified the Stock-Group or Units. Hence, once Stock-Items Names will be imported into Tally

Understanding the XML tags

Remarks :
This is a UDIMagic-supported XML tag. It instructs UDIMagic that the MASTER type to be created is STOCKITEM.

Example :
Remarks :
a) This is a Tally-supported XML tag. You can get Tally XML tags for Masters using option "Gateway of Tally -> Display -> List of Accounts -> Alt+E". This generates tags in Master.xml file.

b) The only new thing here is COLUMNREFERENCE which is UDIMAGIC specific. It tells UDIMagic that the value for NAME tag is to be taken from so and so Column in the Excel Sheet.

c) We have purposefully removed the <LANGUAGENAME.LIST> tag which is Tally 9 specific and is required for multi-lingual support. The pupose of removing this tag was to make our tags compatible with previous versions of Tally Software which do not support the multi-lingual feature.

Additional Resources:-
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